Minnie Weisz is a Photographer, Visual Artist.

Minnie Weisz lives and works in London.

Minnie Weisz’s fine art photography practice investigates the identity of spaces, recording and documenting buildings on the cusp of change in London and Europe. Alongside a documentary approach to photographing forgotten spaces, rooms are turned into memory zones; light unlocks a conversation between time past and time present, views of memory collide and re-emerge in a new fluid-like space, recorded and then photographed. Portraits of people and their connection to place becomes part of the image shedding light in the present; found objects arranged in the space author fictional memories of a buildings past.

An archive of King’s Cross contains images of the area shot sporadically over time prior and during its redevelopment. Past residents were brought back into their deserted dwellings, their memories recorded, a way to breathe life back into the spaces. Then comes a moment when history stops and the imagination takes over. Sometimes films were shot in a day, spontaneous mini happenings created on site with people the artist encountered during her visual investigation of the area.

Minnie Weisz’s practice encompasses Photography, film, sound, video and collaboration.