Minnie Weisz has exhibited her pictures and films in group and solo shows in London, UK, Croatia, The Netherlands and France.


Most of the derelict spaces I find, were domestic once upon a time. Whether domestic or derelict, the room is the starting point, documenting and taking photographs of the interior, sometimes bringing in the exterior view as reflections collide and emerge a new space is re-framed and then photographed, inverted views dissect the space, the visual experience is a juxtaposition with the everyday

Rooms as witness to the shifting of time, to memory past and present, bordering a threshold between the real and the imagined, dream and reality?

What is the chronology of memory? Memory isn’t chronological, is it? All the pictures created are open to a non-linear narrative approach to the interpretation of memory, history, time and place.






Artworks are published in 100 ideas that changed Photography Lawrence King 2013, Photography Portfolio Lawrence King 2012, 100 visual ideas by John Ingeldew Lawrence King 2011, Londres, en Mouvement by Yann Perreau and Kevin Bidermann, Editions Autrement Paris 2005.